Would you please tell me the way to the station?

Steen walked across the room.

It's in the yard.

We're in the well.

I like to play videogames, and you?

I told you it was going to be cold here.

Strangers close by are better than family far away.

They cut my hair too short.

Could you perhaps translate that for me?

Do you have a new boyfriend?

Stop pissing me off.

There's no way in.

America likes to believe that it's a classless society.

I thought that he was a physician.

I got a good grade in English.

You tell us interesting stories.

Make a cross before your name.

What do I do all day?

It may have been so.

I just need to ask you some questions.

This medicine will relieve your headache.

My common-law husband and I have been living in Texas and now want to validate our common-law marriage so that it is legally recognized.

Doctors and hospitals should help everyone.

He sometimes comes to see me.

Gregory and Gail don't like the same kind of movies.

I'll be with you in just a second.


He said the treaty must be approved as written.

I give my friend a bunch of flowers.

I got the ticket free of charge.

She has him at her beck and call.

He has two boys and a girl.


She has gone to the bad since she lost her husband.


Huashi is around here somewhere.

This is a comfortable chair.

Glen started to say something, but Presley interrupted him.

I close my eyes, but I'm semi-awake.

You're not really going, are you?

I'll throw you a bachelor party.

I usually get up early in the morning.

Valeria put his bag on the counter.

Jurevis hasn't actually been to Boston yet.

At the party, everybody was well-dressed.

Are you sure this is Marsha's house?

I eat to live.

I love Christmas lights.

His cough is getting worse, he should stop smoking!

Each of us read the book in turn.


Marcos was thirsty.


It's a large one.

I don't want to cry.

Herb always wants to sit in the front row.

Metin shouldn't say such rude things to Arlene.

It belonged to my mother.

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Though tears may flow down your face, I won't look back.

I heard Jill play the piano.

I'm a liberal.

I made a draft of my speech.

Darci doesn't like the way the movie ended.

Caroline stumbled down the road.

Alexander is part of a large family.


Holly is not very good at keeping secrets.

The key question is not what can I gain but what do I have to lose.

Pria went straight home after work.


Raif felt really bad about what had happened.

Considering your lack of experience you acquitted yourselves pretty well in this competition.

Is he a friend of yours?


I had to look after you.

What kind of sandwich is it?

The city hall is in the center of the city.


I can hear everything.

Apparently, they nest in a tree in front of the house.

There's nothing funny going on.

Write it down here, please.

Anyone can wrong a painter.


Wipe that smirk off your face.

He had a bitter experience.

What is that thing?


It's so cool.

I'm athletic.

Due to heavy load on the server, connections may be temporarily blocked from locations that fetch an unusually high number of pages.

Let me help you out.

2. Sew together the shoulder of the garment body.


Your car is cheaper than mine.


How did you spend your vacation?


Ninja was playing chess last night.

Ricky got the ticket for free.

I'd heard what had happened.


No, you misunderstood.

Moore doesn't understand any French.

Tiefenthal made a cute snowman out of styrofoam balls and an old sock.

We were very close.

He is putting on an act for you.


He contorts himself to advance and grow.

He makes nothing of getting up early in the morning.

I was asked to give you a message.

You are my girlfriend.

Get me all the information you can on this matter.

The official tongue of Grenada is English.

It's what you deserve.


For our singing lessons, we would go to the music school across the road.

Prior to your arrival, he left for London.

Sekar may have to cancel the party.

I know when I'm in over my head.

The price of the stock of that company will not come down.

Here's the bus.

I already gave you half.

I came to know many university students.

Here comes the server.

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You walk on and I will catch up with you later.


Your words don't match your actions.

I don't think Manolis is being honest.

I'm greedy.

The evening performance at the Royal Theater had ended, and the audience had gone home.

I promise that I'll come.

I know who got hurt.

Rakhal looked up.

Knapper really didn't know better.

Could you hear what Blayne said?

My brother has many more good books than I do.

The line is busy now.

Just let me talk to her.

Betty White is very popular with Americans.


What do you have up your sleeve?


I've had it with you and your stupid ideas.


Question: Is Cookie a dog or a cat? Answer: A dog.


Wanna hang out tonight?

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I'll divorce you, for all your money.


I want to tell Olson about the book.


Do you feel that this lawsuit is frivolous?

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Selling cars is my job.

I only had some pineapple for breakfast.

Mason and his wife have just had a baby.

Pontus must be furious with Turkeer.

It's time to wrap it up.

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He bought a foxglove.

Srinivas is about the same age as you are.

I like this picture of us!

The problem with this movie is that the violent scenes and the funny scenes are mixed together.

Is Boston far away?

Po can't find his hat.

Is your suitcase as heavy as it looks?


I wish somebody had told me that before.

However, the close-ups were excellent.

We had lots of adventures on our trip.

Violence is the last refuge of incompetence.

I know what's on your mind.

Everybody in the room knew each other.

Vicki is still the same weight he was when he was a teenager.


I wish you'd let Ariel finish his story.

It's not too late to call this off.

I found a book with a red cover and decided to borrow it.

Now I'm in trouble.

I didn't ask for your permission.

He is the group leader.

Lorenzo can't come because he's sick.

I can't take the heat.

Return Native Americans their ancestral lands.

Bret fought bravely.

I tracked down the enemy through the sniper scope.


She went to Paris for the purpose of learning ballet.

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Rajeev bought a present for his son.

I'm pretty used to people not liking me.

Lonhyn turned off the heat.

She was angry and confused.

Roberto took a taxi to the hospital.

How do I get to the used bookstore?

I tell stories almost every day.